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Curtain with blackout lining

A curtain with blackout lining is the ideal product for your bedroom.

starting from € 193

Roller blind with screen fabric

A roller blind with screen fabric is popular because of its modern and sleek look.

starting from € 187

Wooden blind

With a wooden blind, your home radiates cosiness.

starting from € 417

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What window decoration to choose for large windows?

A lot of light inside is very pleasant, this explains large windows. This will also lead to situations that the measurements of the windows are that big that not all types of window decoration is possible. Technically a lot is possible, but the esthetic consequences also need to be considered. In this blog article we are going through all types of window decoration and give you recommendations on using them for decorating the large windows. Consider electrical control when you need to install large window decorations. This will improve the comfort! 

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clean lines

Even though they have been in our assortiment for a long time, the popularity of venetian blinds hasn't stopped, to the contrary. Clean lines and straight forms are used a lot in the recent building styles and interior design. This is right up the alley of a venetian blind.

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What window decoration is best suitable for my bathroom?

Before we exclude window decoration that isn’t suitable for a bathroom, we need to ask ourselves: “How humid does it get in your bathroom?” The degree of humidity is actually the only thing that can affect your window decoration. Excluding the fact that no water splashes can reach your window decoration. 

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A circular window

Not every window has a classic rectangular shape. Some houses have a circular or triangular window, which of course is not so easy to cover with window decoration.

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16, 25, 35, 50 or 65 mm

The width of the slat is very important while choosing a venetian blind. In general, we can say that the larger the window, the wider you can take the slats. Smaller windows will be more elegant with 16mm slats, while large windows are at their best with 50mm slats.

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