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A black aluminium horizontal blind

A black aluminium horizontal blind gives your interior a modern look.

starting from € 200

Curtain with blackout lining

A curtain with blackout lining is the ideal product for your bedroom.

starting from € 193

Wooden blind

With a wooden blind, your home radiates cosiness.

starting from € 417

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In need of advice tailored to your interior? Our interior specialists will be happy to visit you to determine the ideal blind for your interior.


You don't like measuring your windows? Our interior specialists will be happy to visit you. This way you can be sure that your blinds will fit perfectly.


Two left hands? We can also take care of the placement.


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Tips and tricks

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The rise of indoor screen

Roller blinds are becoming more and more popular every day amongst the indoor screens. The many advantages of screen fabrics are a logic explination. Besides the perfect filtering of the incoming light, roller blinds with a screen fabric are also washable and fire retardant. Icing on the cake they provide a more pleasant interior climat by reducing the temperature with a few degrees. 

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Decorative panels : old but gold

Decorative panels are back. This kind of window decoration is only used in a decorative way and gives more style to your interior. Decorative panels are curtains that are only executed in small panels. You cannot close them. 

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Fire retardant wood ?

This title seems like a contradiction, but as a matter of fact there exists wood that is fire retardant. For specific situations very useful. Due to the strict European laws lots of places demand products that are fire retardant. 

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16, 25, 35, 50 or 65 mm

The width of the slat is very important while choosing a venetian blind. In general, we can say that the larger the window, the wider you can take the slats. Smaller windows will be more elegant with 16mm slats, while large windows are at their best with 50mm slats.

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Ideal for a home with young children

When you have young children an accident lies around the corner. Washable window decoration is in that case a must. We offer a few products that can be cleaned easily. 

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