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Pleated blinds

We have two kinds of fabrics. On the one hand, standard single pleated fabrics and on the other hand, honeycell fabrics. The latter are characterised by a honeycomb structure.


Configure your pleated blind with our configurator

Do you find it difficult to visualize what such a pleated blind looks like? Then use our configurator to put together your custom pleated blind. In our configurator you can not only choose your favorite fabric, but also a custom finish.

As icing on the cake, you can also operate your blinds. This gives you a realistic visualization of the product.

Are you satisfied with your configuration? Then you can order it immediately in our webshop.


Plissé or honeycell; what's the difference?

Pleated blinds and honeycell are basically the same product. The only important difference is the fabric. A pleated fabric is a simple fabric consisting of a fixed accordion-like fold. With a honeycell, you also find these pleats but you can compare it more to a honeycomb because of its double layer of fabric.

A honeycell fabric is a very high-quality development because it has been scientifically proven that it is the most energy-saving form of window decoration.


The transparency of your fabric, an important choice

In addition to a very wide range of fabrics, the choice of light transmission of the selected fabric is also very important. We have three types of light transmission. Transparent, translucent and black-out. Transparent and translucent are mainly suitable for living spaces. If you have a good view, this option is certainly very interesting because it will allow you to keep a considerable view of the outside.

In addition, you can also opt for a blackout fabric. This choice eliminates all light and can therefore darken a room. Ideal for a bedroom or a room where you want privacy.


A pleated blind is an ideal choice for smaller windows.


For every situation, an ideal operation

For pleated blinds, there are a number of different operating systems. If you decide on a manual control, you can choose a standard control with a cord or a control with a handle. This handle is a pleasant option for children, but is only suitable for easily accessible windows, as the pleat has to be pushed up or down completely by hand.

In addition, like most forms of window decoration, the blind can also be fully electric. You can then open or close your blind at the touch of a button. For added convenience, we recommend the Diaz B.I. application. You can then operate your window decoration at any time via your mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. Voice control is also possible if you already have a Smart home system.


Your pleated blind is always made with passion in Belgium


Special windows, ideal for pleated blinds

If you have a particularly shaped window, a pleated blind is an ideal choice. It is the only product that can also be manufactured in complex shapes. Similarly, skylights and conservatory windows are usually covered with a pleated blind.

It goes without saying that measuring this type of complex window requires specialist knowledge. So if you have a window with a particular shape, you can always contact a dealer in your area. He will be happy to help you.

Configure a pleated blind


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