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Vertical slats

Vertical blinds are one of the most versatile and functional blinds. With four types of blinds: textile, illusion, pvc and aluminium, this product proves its quality both in the office and in a domestic environment.


Configure your vertical blind with our configurator

Do you find it difficult to visualize what such a vertical blind looks like? Then use our configurator to put together your custom vertical blind. In our configurator you can not only choose your favorite slat, but also a custom finish.

As icing on the cake, you can also operate your blinds. This gives you a realistic visualization of the product.

Are you satisfied with your configuration? Then you can order it immediately in our webshop.


NEW: Illusion, the epitome of style and functionality.

We often describe our latest type of vertical blind, called Illusion, as the ideal combo of style and functionality. An Illusion encompasses the beauty and elegance of a twist curtain combined with the functionality of a vertical blind. If you are looking for top-of-the-range top-of-the-range blinds you are never wrong.


Textile, illusion, pvc or aluminium

Vertical blinds are not only versatile in their functionality, but also in their materials. There are 4 possible materials for this type of blind. Firstly, you can choose textile slats, available in 4 different transparencies. In addition, there is the Illusion slat. The ideal combination between the tension of a vertical blind and the nonchalance of a Twist curtain.

We also offer PVC slats and aluminium slats. These are hard materials that completely change the appearance of your product. We particularly recommend the latter two options in rooms where there could be humidity or dirt, such as in kitchens. PVC and aluminium are also an excellent choice for a house with young children. These materials are fully washable.


A vertical blind is an ideal product for wide and high windows


The finish of your slat determines the look and feel of your blind

If you opt for a textile slats, you will also need to indicate the finish of the bottom. There are three possibilities. The standard finish consists of slat weight with chain. The chain ensures that the slats remain firmly in place. If you do not like this finish, you can also choose a slat weight without chain or a welded slat weights. The latter version is completely invisible and integrated into the slat.


Your vertical blinds are always made in Belgium with passion


Transparency or complete privacy, the choice is yours

In addition to the various materials you can choose from, you can also determine the light transmission of your slat. Do you still want to see through to the outside? Then go for transparent, translucent or screen slat. These let some light through but also ensure that you can see outside. Be careful, in the evening people can also look inside.
For complete privacy, it is best to choose a black-out textile slat or a pvc or aluminium slat. This choice is ideal for a street-side window where you want a lot of privacy or for a bedroom that needs to be darkened.


Even more functional with an electric control

A vertical blind is very functional on its own, but if you combine it with an electric operation, you create optimum functionality.

At the touch of a button, you can adjust the slats, open or close the entire blind. In addition, it is also possible to set your preferred position so that the blind always adopts the same preferred position.

With our Diaz B.I. motors, it is even possible to control the decoration of your windows with our application or even with voice control. Nothing could be more functional!


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