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Wood, an excellent insulator

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Wooden window decoration – like bamboo blinds – has a great aesthetic character. It’s a warm material that ensures cosiness and at the same time radiates durability. Few realise that wood also has an important functional advantage: insulation. 

Wood is by nature a very good insulator. This works in two directions. During winter it keeps the warmth inside, whilst during summer it’s kept outside. This in turn ensures a pleasant saving on your energy bill. Moreover Diaz can also provide you with fire retardant venetian blinds. These venetian blinds meet the strictest European standards and can therefore be used in hotels and public buildings.

Does wood not have any disadvantages? Of course, we have to mention that wood is a natural product that can show some reaction as a result of warmth and humidity. This usually manifests itself in a slight deformation of the blinds. Is this a problem? By many this isn’t seen as a problem. The blinds keep on functioning and the deformation gives a little extra cachet tot he blinds. An extra natural touch. People who like a natural look in their interior, will enjoy this accent in their window decoration. 

Are you looking for insulating sunprotection? Our Duette is also very appropriate to keep the heath inside. Besides we also have a few products with a special coating to increase the insulating value, like screen fabrics or aluminium slats.