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In window coverings, curtains are synonymous with versatility. Virtually every interior can be decorated with curtains, and this has been the case for years. Curtains come into their own in both modern villas and classic interiors.


Configure your curtain with our configurator

Do you find it difficult to visualize what such a curtain looks like? Then use our configurator to put together your custom curtain. In our configurator you can not only choose your favorite fabric, but also a custom finish.

As icing on the cake, you can also operate your curtains. This gives you a realistic visualization of the product.

Are you satisfied with your configuration? Then you can order it immediately in our webshop.


Each method of confection has a different look

If you choose for a curtain you can choose different methods of confection. The way in which your curtain is made determines the appearance of the product. For example, you can choose the modern Twist. Or are you more of a fan of more classic confection? There is something for everyone.


Lining, a good choice for your curtain

When you compose your curtain, you will notice that you always get the option to choose a lining. We strongly recommend this, as adding a lining to the fabric can significantly extend the life of your product.

In addition, lining is always interesting for rooms that you wish to darken. If, for example, you choose a blackout lining, you can use your curtain to darken a bedroom. Only if you opt for a transparent fabric you cannot add lining. The lining would completely eliminate the transparent effect.


Combine 2 curtains? No problem!


On the ground or just above it

Not only the top, but also the bottom of your curtain can be designed by yourself. This way you can choose curtains that do not touch the ground or curtains that do touch the ground. The latter provides a more romantic look but is often not a good decision in combination with pets.

Let one of our dealers assist you. They will be happy to help you put together the right curtains for your interior.


Your curtain is always produced with passion in Belgium


Go for optimal comfort with electric control

Maybe you think that electric control for a curtain is a bit too much of a good thing. But nothing could be further from the truth. Electric control can not only ensure that you no longer have to shut off your seat to close the curtains, but in combination with our Diaz B.I. app you can also simulate your presence, for example. Very handy to keep unwanted visitors outside. Voice control is also a possibility with electric curtains.

In addition, we strongly recommend electric operation for curtains in a light colour or curtains that are difficult to reach because there is a seat in front of them, for example.


Looking for even more information and inspiration?

In our window decoration guide we take a closer look at different types of window decoration and all their advantages. You can download the digital guide here.