Roller blinds

Roller blinds are by far the most frequently chosen type of indoor window covering. Because of the various ways of finishing and the enormous range of fabrics, the popularity of this products still keeps on rising week by week.
A roller blind is composed of a metal tube on which the blind rolls up. The attaching mechanisms for the tube tubes are very divers. There are supports in plastic as well as metal which can be provided with a cassette.
The assortment of roller blind fabric allows you to choose roller blinds for very divergent purposes. You could opt for a transparent roller blind if you would like to have a maximal illumination or you could opt for a more blackout roller blind for your bedroom. As an accent to your blinds, you can choose from different types of hem bars, so your blinds matches perfectly with the style of your interior.
We would like to bring the electrical control into the spotlights. You can opt for operation with a switch on the wall, operation with remote control or operation with home automation. For places where no electricity has been foreseen, we can provide a solution with batteries. As you can see, the possibilities are so extensive that it is best to have some expert advice in order to guide you. Visit one of our dealers and you can get in touch with the different kinds of finishing. A real must in order to make the right choice.

Electric roller blinds

For window decoration we automatically think off a manual operation via chain or cord. But there are solutions with a higher level of comfort, namely window decoration with electrical operation.

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Perfect for large surfaces

In the range of window furnishings, vertical blinds lend themselves best for large widths. A window of 5 meter wide is no problem with these blinds. In our collection, there is a wide range of vibrant colours and warm textures so that you can create a homely and cosy atmosphere.

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A roller blind sleek as can be

For those who want a more sleek an clean finishing of a roller blind, we offer the Easy Deco Concept.This modular cassette give your roller blind a different look. You can chose from three variants:
Easy Deco Wings: These elegant side supports give your roller blind a little extra cachet. Except for the ornamental effect, there is the functional effect of covering all (less beautiful) components of the tube and operation system of your roller blind.

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Electrical convenience, worth considering

If we say roller blind, we unprompted think about the accompanying operation chain. Too bad, because there is also a possibility to operate your roller blinds electrically. The motor is hidden in the tube of the blind, so you don’t need to compromise on elegance. The motor can be controlled with a switch or a remote control so you can operate your blinds to the exact position you want by simply pressing one button.

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