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Smart home

Intelligent applications at home are no longer an exception these days.
With our DIAZ B.I. (Bidirectional Intelligence), we want to meet this need.
Make your electric window decoration work not only with an application, but also with voice control.

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The future is comfortable

Opening your blinds every morning and closing them every evening..... this ritual is a thing of the past. Thanks to our intelligent blinds, you can set the time at which your blinds should open or close. Comfort at its best.

It is also possible to create scenes. For example, you can create a scene for watching TV. If you click on this scene in the application, all the blinds are automatically lowered so that you are not disturbed by incoming light on the TV screen. If you also connect your intelligent blind to a well-known smart home system such as Alexa, Siri or Google assistant, you can even execute the requested scene with a simple voice command.


App and voice control

Our Diaz B.I. motors are compatible with our Diaz B.I. application. Thanks to this application, you can easily operate your sunprotection, even remotely, at the touch of a button. Stage or work with time slots to make your daily life comfortable. All you need is a Diaz wifi bridge.

In addition to control with our application, voice control is also possible. To do this, you need to connect your blinds to your existing smart home system. With the right voice control, you can then not only close your curtains for a movie night, but you also get the ideal light setting and you can start your TV automatically.


Only advantages

Full child safe operation

Presence simulation when you are away from home via the Diaz B.I. app

Extended lifespan of your sunprotection

Fully adjustable to suit your daily life

Compatible with known smart home systems for optimal comfort


Compatible with your smart home system

Whether you work with Alexa, Google assistant or Siri, our blinds are compatible to connect to your favourite smart home system.


Traditional forms of electrical operation are also possible

Not a big fan of all these new digital solutions for your home? No problem! You can still operate our electric blinds in the traditional way.

Our window decorations can be operated both with a switch and a remote control. With our remote controls you can control up to 15 different products. The advantage of a switch is that it is always in the same place.


Connection to the net as well as with battery motor

There is no electricity in your house for intelligent window decoration? No problem, all our products can also be purchased with a battery-powered motor. So you can continue to enjoy the benefits of electric window decoration without having to undergo major renovation work.