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Megaview: 25 mm slats that look like 50 mm slats

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Choosing the right slat width is very important in order to have the best look for your venetian blind. The bigger the window, the wider the slats usualy are. 25 mm slats are in general most popular. These are mostly choosen for small to medium sized windows. For larger windows 50 mm slats are mostly choosen. 

The big advantage of these wide slats is the view outside and the light exposure. Unfortunately 50 mm slats are less appropriate for smaller windows. 

To create the same “transparancey” with 25 mm slats we have the Megaview in our range. Megaview is a system with 25 mm slats with a bigger look through and offers better light exposure. When opening the blind, the slats are stacked 2 by 2, which creates a 50 mm look through. The perfect solution when you want to keep a nice view over your garden. 

Would you like to know more about Megaview or you are not sure what slat width to choose? Don’t hesitate and go visit one of our distributors. They will guide you through thanks to their many years of experience.

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