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Optimal comfort with the right slat choice

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Our aluminium slats collection is as wide ranged that choosing isn’t easy. Besides deciding about which colour matches best in your interior, it is also opportune to think about the impact a certain colour will have on your living environment. 

A light colour reflects the sunlight, which keeps the heat out of the house. A dark colour absorbs more warmth but reduces glare (glare control). This gives more comfort and improves the readability of screens. 

Besides you can find in our collection a few special slats with specific caracteristics to provide you of the ideal comfort.
slats with an infrared coating are slats with a dark colour with an increased degree of reflection. These slats will reflect more sunlight but with a little less Glare Control. 

thermostop slats have a higher thermal isolation. This will keep the heat out of your home during summer. In winter it’s best to orientate the slats the other way around, so that you keep the heat in. 

As you can see it is also important to not just think about the colour and the look of the slats but also about what you want to achieve with the installation of sunprotection in your home.