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Ideal for a home with young children

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When you have young children an accident lies around the corner. Washable window decoration is in that case a must. We offer a few products that can be cleaned easily. 

Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds with pvc or aluminium slats are ideal for a family with young children and/or pets. They are perfectly cleanable and very durable. Chocolat, pudding, markers, childrens paint, … don’t pose any problem for pvc slats. Because of the sortly weight of pvc slats they don’t require chains. When closing the slats you create a dim-out effect. 

Many attractive colours of pvc slats are available. We also have nice variations like scratch-resistant slats or perforated slats. For the ones who want to take it a step further, the possibility to combine striped slats with plane slats can be combined. Hip and trendy for modern interiors. 

Horizontal blinds 
If vertical aluminium slats are ideal for a home with young children, there is no doubt that horizontal aluminium slats are also appropriate. As mentioned above aluminium is very durable and perfectly cleanable. Besides the safe and plain colours, we also have perforated, striped and shiny slats available. Something for everyone! 

Screen fabrics
We can not forget the screen fabrics. Because of the woven structure in pvc and / or glassfibre they are also perfectly cleanable. With screen fabrics you automatically think about roller blinds, but they can also be choosen for vertical blinds and panel tracks. They are not just availble in different structures, but also in different percentages of light transmission. 

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Child Safety

As a result of a decision at european level, stricter standards have been in force in Europe for a number of years for the product group of indoor sunprotection. (EN 13120) This together with 2 other standards to protect against strangulation risks with cord or chain loops for children. (EN 16433 and EN 16434)


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The rise of indoor screen

Roller blinds are becoming more and more popular every day amongst the indoor screens. The many advantages of screen fabrics are a logic explination. Besides the perfect filtering of the incoming light, roller blinds with a screen fabric are also washable and fire retardant. Icing on the cake they provide a more pleasant interior climat by reducing the temperature with a few degrees. 

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