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The rise of indoor screen

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Roller blinds are becoming more and more popular every day amongst the indoor screens. The many advantages of screen fabrics are a logic explination. Besides the perfect filtering of the incoming light, roller blinds with a screen fabric are also washable and fire retardant. Icing on the cake they provide a more pleasant interior climat by reducing the temperature with a few degrees. 

Also in professional environments like schools and offices you will find more and more screen roller blinds. Working on computer screens and the visibility of electronical teaching boards becomes much more pleasant with a screen fabric. Some architects even prescribe this implementation as standard. 

When choosing a screen fabric, besides the colour, the openess factor of the fabric will play an important role. This factor determines how well you look from the inside to the outside, and vice versa. With a screen fabric you have the best view to the place where there is the most light. During the day you will have the best view from the inside to the outside, from the outside you will not be able look good inside, in the evening it will be the opposite. Keep this in mind, a screen fabric never offers 100% privacy. (Unless you choose the black-out equivalent, but then you loose the view outside during the day). 

To increase the comfort of screen roller blinds, also called indoor screens, you ca nopt for electrical command. With one push on the button you can command the roller blind of your choice. Also commanding several roller blinds at once or from a distance via smartphone or tablet is possible

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