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Filtering light with the right sunprotection

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The sun is our best friend, but can also be annoying at times. Everybody has already been bothered by disturbing sunlight on his computerscreen during work. With the correct window decoration this can be solved immediately. 

Filtering light so you can keep a perfect view outside, but keep the sun out? 
Vertical blinds, roller blinds, panel tracks with screen fabrics offer this effect. Screen is a special fabric, that consists of glassfibers and pvc, that filter the light in a unique way. You can compare it with sunglasses. The bright and bothering light becomes pleasant and the view remains perfect. Screen fabrics exsist in different opening percentages so that the light intensity can perfectly be matched to your needs. When we also tell you that screen fabrics are easy to maintain and fire retardant, this seems to be the desired window decoration! 

Window decoration with orientating slats according to the wanted light intensity and privacy? 
The functionality of vertical and horizontal blinds is huge. Depending on the light intensity outside you can orientate the slats so that you will not be bothered during your work. The choose of slat has definitely an influence. A very transparant slat will not always have the desired effect. You will notice that these types of window decoration offer a certain amount of privacy. The specific orientation of the slats blocks the view from outside in. 

Take out all the light?
This can be reached by choosing for a black-out cassette. These are systems that garantee a complete black-out in the room. Due tot he cassette on top, the profiles on the wall at the sides and a black-out hem bar, this is a black-out system. This in combination with a black-out fabric creates a total eclipse during the day. Perfect for people who need to sleep during the day. Estheticaly it’s not the most beautiful solution, but perfect for people who want to sleep during the day. 

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The rise of indoor screen

Roller blinds are becoming more and more popular every day amongst the indoor screens. The many advantages of screen fabrics are a logic explination. Besides the perfect filtering of the incoming light, roller blinds with a screen fabric are also washable and fire retardant. Icing on the cake they provide a more pleasant interior climat by reducing the temperature with a few degrees. 

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