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Child safe solutions for aluminium horizontal blinds

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Child safe sun protection has been a must for a few years. To create a child safe environement we mostly choose for an electrical control. For smaller windows this isn’t very appropriate, that’s why we are always looking for new possibilities to make your sun protection child safe and to provide in everyones needs. 

When choosing for horizontal aluminium blinds you have besides electrical control now also the choise between 3 other child safe options for small windows:

With this version you can open, close an orientate the slats by moving the hem bar up and down by using a grip. Because there are no cords and rod this version is ideal when you want a tight look in your home. 

Top down bottom up
The top down bottom up system is similar to the LiteRise system. With this system you can move the hem bar and the upper profile up and down by using a grip. The slats can be orientated by using a rotary knob on the upper profile. This version isn’t just child safe but also appropriate for tilt and turn windows. 

The Trufit system works the same as the Top down bottom up system. The big difference between these two systems, is that the Trufit system can be installed without drilling or screwing by using self adhesive profiles. This system is also very appropriate for tilt and turn windows. 

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Child Safety

As a result of a decision at european level, stricter standards have been in force in Europe for a number of years for the product group of indoor sunprotection. (EN 13120) This together with 2 other standards to protect against strangulation risks with cord or chain loops for children. (EN 16433 and EN 16434)


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Megaview: 25 mm slats that look like 50 mm slats

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