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What window decoration to choose for large windows?

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A lot of light inside is very pleasant, this explains large windows. This will also lead to situations that the measurements of the windows are that big that not all types of window decoration is possible. Technically a lot is possible, but the esthetic consequences also need to be considered. In this blog article we are going through all types of window decoration and give you recommendations on using them for decorating the large windows. Consider electrical control when you need to install large window decorations. This will improve the comfort! 

Vertical blinds
These are very appropriate for large windows, highly recommended. Lengths up to 6 meters are no problem, neither are heights of 4 meters. The slats always hang tight. This product has great functionality as you can opt for full light, limited light or complete privacy with a single window decoration.

Venetian blinds with aluminium slats 
The slats are always tight as they are made of aluminium and do not bend through over large widths. This is partly due to the build-in supporting cords of a venetian blind. When placing different systems next to eachother, the slats optically run through. Based on these features we recommend this window decoration for large widths. 

Venetian blinds with wooden slats
Wood is a beautiful, warm and pleasant natural product. This charm unfortunately has a downside. A natural product react to the environmental factors like humidty and warmth. A discoloration by the sunlight will appear faster with natural products. Wooden blinds aren’t recommended for large windows. A slight curving of the slats as a reaction on humidty and / or warmth can disturb the harmony of blinds that are placed next to eachother. 

Roller blinds
Appropriate for large windows when taking certain attention points in mind. When you keep these in mind, your large roller blind will have a good hanging behaviour. When choosing the roller blind fabric it’s important to choose the widest fabric as possible. This way the fabric doesn’t need to be turned when producing the blind. This width is mentioned on the samples in our catalogue. Turning a roller blind fabric doesn’t do good for the hanging behaviour. If the fabric doesn’t need to be turned, you also avoid a seem in the blind. This is important for the esthetic and hanging behaviour. Roller blinds with widths and / or heights of more than 3 meter, are sensitive to a slight V-formation in the fabric. This is more visable with artificial light than day light. Especially indirect lighting can accentuate the imperfections of the blind. Keep this in mind and try to split up or couple the blind in fonction of the subdivisions in your window. 

Due to the limited fabric widths in this type of window decoration, they are not recommended for use with large windows. For each roller blind there is a difference between the fabric width and the width of the system itself. This creates a light gap when blinds are placed next to each other. As duo roller blinds cannot be coupled, this gap is larger than with traditional roller blinds. Because of this distance you will not get the best possible aesthetic result.

Pleated blind and Duette
This type of window decoration is technically more limited at large dimensions. Also the electrical options on 220V aren’t as wide as with other products. These 2 elements together result in the advice that there are more interesting types of window decoration for large windows than pleated blinds and Duette. 

Roman shades
With automation we can recommend roman shades for large windows. We consider the automation to be necessary because otherwise it may take you a long time to raise your roman shades. In addition, the hardware of electrical systems is extremely suitable to handle large surfaces. the tunnels with boning supports that can be found approximately every thirty centimetres in the roman shades keep the fabric neatly under tension. This is very important with large window surfaces. At one of our points of distribution you can choose the right fabric. The expertise of our dealers can guide you through the wide variety of fabrics, where one is more suitable than the other.

Panel tracks
One of the favourites among decorators for large windows. This window decoration divides your window into several sliding parts. This gives you an optimal hanging behaviour of the roller blind fabrics. Indeed, panel blinds use the collection of roller blinds for colour and structure selection. Take a look in the photo gallery of panel blinds and get acquainted with the possibilities for your interior.

The ultimate solution for large windows ! Curtains have an excellent hanging behaviour over large surfaces. Moreover, they do wonders for the acoustics in your home. The choice of fabrics and finishing possibilities are so extensive that there is bound to be a combination that will make your heart beat faster. You will notice, we are fans, check out why here.