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Duo roller blind or roller blind?

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Choosing window decoration is never easy, but it is fun. If we can reduce the choice to a duo roller blind or roller blind, we are almost there.

You should choose a duo roller blind if you like to play with the incoming light. By sliding the transparent and non-transparent bands in front of each other in a different way, you can achieve more or less see through. With a roller blind you can choose between all or nothing. You can roll up the roller blind on the tube and clear your window. You can also position your roller blind halfway, but then part of the window will remain uncovered.

In terms of budget a duo roller blind is considerably more expensive than a roller blind. This is because a duo roller blind always contains twice as much fabric. Because of the 2 fabrics that slide in front of each other, 4 meters of fabric is needed at a height of 2 meters. When you have large window, a duo roller blind is less ideal as two duo roller blinds cannot be connected and we cannot guarantee a perfect continuation of the horizontal lines. 

Both window decorations can be operated electrically. This is possible with a motor on 220V as well as with a motor on batteries. Highly recommended for an optimal ease of use of your indoor sun protection.

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