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Keeping the heat out on hot days

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Being carefull with energy to reduce the ecological footprint? Sunprotection isn’t just usefull to keep the light out and reduce the insight, many types of sunprotection also have an isolating factor. Which is a good thing when you think about saving energy!

Our Duette Shades are the best choice if you are looking for energy efficient sunprotection. The fabric is formed in a honey comb structure, which serves as an isolating layer in front of your window. During summer this layer is blocking the heat transmission form outside to the inside, during winter this prevents warmth escaping through the glass. 

You probably wouldn’t immediately say it, but also wooden blinds are an ideal product to isolate your home. Wood is by nature a very good isolator. In addition, we also have fire retardant wooden blinds. Now we also have a few screens and aluminium slats in our collections which have special coatings to provide the isolating aspect. Enough choice when you are looking for sunprotection which is benificiary for your energy bill. 

Tips to save energy around your windows and doors:
Heating or airco on? Keep all windows and doors closed to keep the heat or coolness inside. Make sure the glass in your windows and doors has a high energy value. Close your sunprotection during summer to keep the heat out. Let the sun in on a sunny wintersday.