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Add duo-roll

Step 1 - measurements

Step 2 - choose fabric

Step 3 - finishing

Step 4 - operation

Step 5 - overview

Diaz duo-roll

Technically, a duo-roll is a roller blind, but due to the adjustability of transparent and non-transparent textile straps, it offers the functionality of a horizontal blind.

A duo-roll offers the best of 2 worlds. You can optimally control the incidence of light by shifting the horizontal bands in relation to each other, but the operation is as simple as a roller blind. So you can also pull the product up completely so as not to obstruct the view.

To finish a duo-roll completely according to your own style, you can choose a finish with or without a cassette.

Measurement in the window opening

The window decoration is placed between the window frame or the walls.

Measure the width in different places each time and then take the smallest size.

Finished width = smallest measured width - 1cm

Next, also measure the height in different places and also take the smallest size here.

Finished height =  smallest measured height - 1cm

Measurement outside the window opening

The window decoration is placed on the window frame or the wall.

In this case, you can choose the desired overlap.
To do so, measure the width of the window frame and choose the overlap.

Finished width = measured width + desired overlap

You can also choose the desired overlap in height.
To do so, measure the height of the window frame and choose the overlap.

Finished height = measured height + desired overlap

Child Safety

It was decided at European level that interior blinds and window decoration should meet new requirements in terms of Child Safety. These new requirements relate to the risk that cord and/or chain loops can pose to young children. (European Standards: EN 13120, EN 16433 and EN 16434)

The general rule is that the controls must always be at least 150 cm above the ground. In the ordering process you should always specify the installation height. Based on this, we will provide the chain or cord control with the correct length. Each product is also supplied with a safety device with which you must tension the chain or cord (laterally). This should ensure that young children cannot stick their heads through the cord or chain loop and thus avoid the risk of strangulation.

Mounting of your duo-roll

We are constantly working on our customer experience and the perception of our products. In our short instruction videos the assembly is shown step by step. You can also use the mounting instructions below. They explain step by step what you should pay attention to when mounting and operating your duo-roll.

If you have any questions or encounter problems during the mounting of your duo-roll you can contact us online or contact the Diaz distributor where you picked up the product.

Handleiding duo-roll zonder cassette nl.pdf
Handleiding smart cassette nl.pdf
Mode d'emploi duo-roll sans cassette fr.pdf
Mode d'emploi smart cassette fr.pdf