Window decoration in the kitchen

The kitchen: where the magic happens… A place that is being lived in, that's a fact! That is also why it is so important to choose the right window decoration: there are a lot of possibilities, but everything depends on the positioning of the window. You want to cover a window that is placed above your sink? Go for dirt- and fat-repellent window decoration such as venetian (aluminium) blinds.

Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen it is also important that the window decoration is not only easy on the eye, but also functional. That is where vertical and venetian blinds excel. It's never been easier to play with light.

Do you wish for even more comfort? Choose for motorized window decoration. You can change the light with only one press on the button.

Furthermore, it is imperative that your window decoration contributes to the coziness of your kitchen. Adding textiles to your interior can help and that is why roman shades or confectioned curtains fit perfectly in your kitchen. Translucent or sheer fabrics keep the strong sunlight out and contribute to a cozy kitchen. On top of that, roman shades and curtains fit in almost every interior.