Diaz Sunprotection Simulator

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With our Diaz Sunprotection Simulator

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Are you looking for the right type of window decoration?
Or do you need help choosing?
Or maybe you hesitate between different possibilities?

Look no further!

Our app will give you a realistic image of your favorite curtains and lets you experiment with the different styles and textures so you are able to create a cozy and homey ambiance.

With this app you hold the key
to inspiration.
The simulator Diaz Sunprotection is fast and easy to use.
It inspires me and it helps me decide and gives me a realistic price indication.

User friendly

Take a picture of your interior and start creating your new window decoration.

"Easy to use"

Discover which window decoration suits you best by combining the different colors and finishing’s.

Download our Diaz Sunprotection Simulator now (only for tablet)